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MCSHC 2015 Annual Conference Materials

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2015 Youth Risk Behavior Report

2015 Pre-Conference Presentations - Downloadable

Emergency Pediatric Assessment for the School Nurse

  1. Module Introduction
  2. Module 1 - EMS Systems
  3. Module 2 - The Assessment--First Steps
  4. Module 3 - Assessment STEP by STEP
  5. Module 4 - Medical Legal Considerations
  6. Module 5 -Trauma Assessment Bleeding and Shock
  7. Module 6 - Assessing Trauma In the School Setting
  8. Module 7- Assessing Trauma in the School Setting

2015 Presentations - Downloadable

Session 5: Positive Youth Development 101

Session 6: Move It...And You’re A Winner!

Session 9: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (aka Electronic Cigarettes or Vape Pens) - Status in US and Missouri

Session 11: School Nutrition Program UPDATES

Session 12: Networking Session for Nurse/Health & Wellness Coordinators

Session 15: Parent Engagement in School Wellness

Session 17: School Immunizations 411 for School Nurses

Session 18: Current Drug Trends

Session 19: Social Media in the School Setting

Session 21: Drug-Resistant Head Lice and Other Updates on Insects with Public Health Implications

Session 23: Fire Up Those Neuro-Synapses or Awake and Ready to Learn

Session 25: Bullying Prevention, Cyberbullying Prevention, Violence Prevention

Saturday: How Does Trauma Effect Schools and How Do Schools Address Trauma

About the Conference:

The goal of the conference is to present the most up-to-date information about effective coordinated school health programs. The purpose of the presentations is to foster and support learning, dialogue and collaboration that will improve the performance of practicing professionals working to impact the health, safety and well-being of children.

Exhibitor Information

The Coalition hopes you will consider exhibiting. Over 200 school nurses, health and PE teachers, administrators,
counselors, school food service personnel, and state and community partners are expected to attend.


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