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Missouri AFHK operates in collaboration with the Missouri Coordinated School Health Coalition. Team Members help selected schools develop nutrition and physical activity action plans based on results from completed School Health Indexes. Missouri AFHK will continue to provide support to schools at the grassroots level to positively change the school health environment.

Missouri AFHK is placing Re-Charge! Energizing After School, an after school curriculum, in districts across the state.  This is a program developed by the National Football League and Action for Healthy Kids to emphasize physical activity and team work with positive nutrition messages for children in grades 3-6. The Missouri state AFHK team complements the program with an award-winning nutrition curriculum called Whiz, Zip, and Zap It! This curriculum includes nutrition education with hands-on, simple and healthy snack preparation and tasting activities. Children also receive an accompanying Whiz, Zip, and Zap cookbook, which empowers them to practice their acquired healthy snack preparation skills at home.

With the assistance of various grants from National AFHK, Midwest Dairy Council, and the American Heart Association – Kansas City, and utilization of the USDA After-school Snack Program, the Missouri State Team will pilot the after-school nutrition and physical activity program in 20 sites during the 2005-2006 school year. Missouri AFHK will provide on-site staff training, curriculum materials, process evaluations, and web support, as well as other technical support to schools.


ReCharge! empowers students to increase their knowledge and practice of good nutrition and physical activity habits through a series of interactive team-based activities. By participating in ReCharge!, students will learn the lifetime benefit of healthy habits.

Whiz, Zip & Zap It!

Whiz, Zip & Zap It! includes twenty interactive lessons, with each lesson including nutrition, food safety and healthy snack preparation. In order to reinforce the healthy snacks and cooking skills the children have learned in the program, each child will receive a Whiz, Zip, & Zap cookbook to take home and share with the family.

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