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About Us

The Missouri Coordinated School Health Coalition (MCSHC) is a collaborative of public and private organizations (meet our partners) assisting Missouri’s schools, families, and communities with their coordinated school health programs.  The coalition does this by promoting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s coordinated school health model.

We developed this strategic plan to strengthen our efforts to reach more schools and increase the effectiveness of our support for coordinated school health. This strategic plan covers three years, 2010 through 2013. It is intended to communicate our purpose and support our decision-making regarding organizational structure, policy, budget, and program priorities.


Advocating for a Coordinated School Health Program in every Missouri school to ensure students learn to be healthy and are healthy to learn.  


Healthy, active students becoming healthy, active and productive adults.

Core Values

The following five core values guide the way we work and the relationships we build.


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